Dana Slatkin

Tofu with Pea Shoots, Mushrooms and Balsamic Glaze

Tofu with Pea Shoots

September is the month that just about everything is in season. A trip to the farmers market this weekend proved the point. Intent foragers crowded the stands, hovering over the mounds of dazzling vegetables and fruits, descending upon the first of Fall’s bounty. (If you didn’t make it to your green market, find out what’s in season with this handy seasonality chart from the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture).

With such a variety of ingredients to choose from, the dinner dilemma could be overwhelming. So say it with tofu. A blank canvas on which to paint just about any flavors you wish, tofu pairs well with all the vegetables of the rainbow. If you like a soft texture to your protein, choose the silken kind; if meaty is more your style, use the firm or extra-firm kind. Either way, look for organic tofu (in the refrigerated section of your supermarket) and make sure to dry it before cooking to get it nice and crisp (check out my simple instructions on How To Cook Tofu).

Pea shoots are a lovely departure from your average green vegetable, but this preparation gives just about any vegetable dignity — sliced bok choy, endive, or fennel; broccoli or broccolini, pencil-thin asparagus, or baby artichokes. A whole grain will complete the meal – think brown rice, quinoa or couscous. The butter really makes the dish, so I don’t recommend skimping.

The flavor’s all in the pan. It’s up to you to decide what to put in there.

For another fabulous way to use tofu, try my Radicchio Caesar Salad with Eggless Dressing.

Just 10 days until the September cooking contest closes! Send in your favorite weeknight recipe here!

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