Dana Slatkin

Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Scallions, Almonds and Balsamic-Soy Glaze

Photo credit: Jessie Spartano

Welcome back! I hope you all took a little time off over the holidays to enjoy family and friends. You deserved it. And though I missed you, dear Readers, I know we both needed a break.

You see, the holidays can totally overwhelm me. Sometimes I find the din unbearable. This time I decided to take action. Around Christmas time, I stopped reading food blogs, deleted a good part of my Inbox, and turned off my phone for a week.

It was bliss. I got a chance to recharge, without being constantly bombarded with exhortations and distractions. But I missed writing and teaching and especially cooking. When a friend asked me to sleuth out her favorite salad at a local Japanese restaurant, I was on the job in an egg-timer minute.

This recipe can be a side dish, a light lunch, or a maddening taunt, because you can’t get enough of these super crispy, sweet and sour little sprouts. The good news is that, though the restaurant version is clearly deep-fried, you can get the same crunchy ecstasy with a hot oven and a little prep time to separate the leaves (it took me just 10 minutes to get through the pound).

If you’re currently in diet rehab after a little too much holiday indulgence, be assured there is nothing unchaste about this recipe. Use my favorite oil for high-heat roasting (heart-healthy, skin-friendly, and luscious) and remove the leaves as they brown up. Then toss them with a simple glaze and you’ve got a dish worth getting back into the kitchen for.

Happy 2014, everyone. Here’s to a healthy, delicious ride!

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  1. Lizthechef says:

    I always roast my sprouts but now I plan to add your luscious balsamic-soy glaze…Taking time off is something we all need to do – glad you enjoyed your break.

  2. kara fox says:


  3. tori says:

    can’t wait to try these. I’ve fried Brussels sprouts leaves before and it’s a huge hassle, so the oven sounds great as do all the other flavors. Happy New Year and I agree on the holidays — they can be so overwhelming.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I had these last night at Katsuya and I NEED to try to make them myself!

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