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Organic Spinach and Cheese Strata

Without our mothers, none of us would be here, of course. And were it not for mine, an adventure-seeking, health-conscious hippie who showed her love through food, I probably wouldn’t have chosen cooking as my career. So when Mother’s Day comes around, I’ll be serving up plenty of good food and gratitude. My mother loves all things ethnic and hot. She eats Korean food for breakfast and douses everything with chili sauce. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, who is a generation older than my mother, has a taste for the mild and familiar. To her, salads are “too healthy,” and even the slightest pinch of pepper is “too spicy, Dear.” Luckily, a meal with mothers is never just about the food. It’s about how the week has been … [Read more...]

Vegan Cauliflower Velouté á la Farmgirl

A few months ago, my oldest son got his driver’s license. It was a milestone to ponder as we stood in line together at the DMV. While he texted triumphant selfies to all his friends, I ran through a slideshow of dreads in my mind: son attempts parallel parking á la Fred Flinstone…son gets lost on his way to school…son drag races down Sunset Blvd. The moment reminded me of my own mother’s reaction when I left home to work as an apprentice in France. I was heading halfway across the world, the lone girl cooking in a hot kitchen full of arrogant males, with no knowledge of French and no idea what lay ahead. Though my mother might have been terrified for me, she sent me off with a strong, confident hug. “Remember,” she said. “Just … [Read more...]

January/February Giveaway

In the beginning of a new year, there’s always a lot of talk about diets, cleanses and detoxes. I’m guessing if you haven’t already vowed to try one, you know someone who has. But are they the key to losing weight and finding eternal youth? Is every celebrity in Tinseltown really fueled by gluten-free bread, cave protein, or green juice? I’m skeptical of any fad regime, especially those that make you cranky, weak, and food-obsessed. But one resolution solution that has my attention comes from my friends at M Café, the chain of tasty macrobiotic restaurants owned by Los Angeles’ legendary Chaya Restaurant family. Created by a certified holistic nutritionist together with M’s renowned chefs, it’s called the RESET Cleanse. According … [Read more...]

Dulce de Leche Pudding

I’ve always marveled at how some people are able to recount stories from their early childhood in great detail. I simply don’t remember much, save for a few snippets that have lingered with the help of old photos. Do you remember anything you did when you were two, or five, or eight? If so, I’d love to hear about it. But one memory that has remained lucid in my mind takes me back to when I was about five years old. It’s a warm evening and I’m listening to a boisterous mariachi band on Olvera Street, licking a cone-shaped lollipop flavored with the colors of the Mexican flag. My mother loved to bring my brother and me to ethnic neighborhoods for a taste of other cultures, and Olvera Street was one of her favorites. Dating back to … [Read more...]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Chips with Truffle Salt and Lime


Holidays? What holidays? These days, it’s all about the aftermaths of the election and wretched Sandy. And rightly so. Millions are facing life-altering challenges, and for those of us who managed to escape this time, the past few weeks have been a sobering reality check. So don’t even think about the epic family feast that is right around the corner. Ignore all the glossy magazines and food blogs. Step away from the Food Network. We’re lucky to have food on the table and to be together. But in case you still can’t help freaking out about facing the last stretch of the year (that would be me), try to take it one meal at a time. Though this recipe has become an everyday staple in our house, it’s festive enough to hold its own … [Read more...]

November Cooking Contest

Farmers Market Handfull

UPDATE: New cooking contest is coming in January.  Check back then and enter!   Thanksgiving is one of the last holdouts in our commercialized culture, a holiday where we can feast simply on good food and gratitude. Now is the time to dig up your best comfort food recipes and take them for a test run! The Farmgirl wants to know what you’re craving, cooking, and serving up this month. Send in your best Thanksgiving side dish recipe, along with a little information about you. You have until November 30th and can enter as many times as you wish. All recipes will be acknowledged, tested and tasted. The winner will receive a fabulous Farmgirl Holiday Kitchen basket! Good luck and happy November! Send in your entry here. … [Read more...]

Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Clusters


Here’s a treat to make for Halloween that won’t bust your healthy streak. As you know, dark chocolate and coconut is my favorite dessert combo. Sprinkling these chunky mounds with a little grey salt makes them extra addictive. And the recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make. Each one is two bites of heaven. Thanks to Courtney Sander for submitting her simple and delicious recipe. I’ll be putting these on my Thanksgiving and holiday menus, too! Disclaimer: This post may contain totally benign and well-intentioned affiliate links. All content is unsponsored, uncensored, and undeniably honest. … [Read more...]

There’s Lots to Look Forward to in Farmgirl World


A lot of you have been asking about cooking classes in October and November. I am teaching so many private and corporate classes that I’ve decided to resume regular classes in January 2013. Stay tuned for class announcements, new recipes, giveaways, and more! If you are not already a subscriber, sign up in the Suscribe box in the left-hand column. The Farmgirl Store will be open through the end of the year for holiday shopping, hostess gifts, and chic tableware. These are items that are not available at the online Farmgirl Store, so stop in for a look! To make an appointment, e-mail me here. If you missed a cooking class and would like the recipes from the class, send a check for $9.99 to Beverly Hills Farmers Market, Inc. / … [Read more...]