Dana Slatkin

Eight Ways to Decorate a Glass Hurricane

Decorate a Glass Hurricane

A simple glass hurricane fitted with a neutral-colored candle (I love chocolate brown) can take a room from ordinary to chic and sexy. Here are some of my go-to accessories for instant ambiance:

1. Sand, seashells, and baby starfish from your favorite beach vacation

2. Sea urchins (any color and size)

3. White or pink coral

4. Smooth stones, beach glass, or marbles

5. Orchid or hibiscus blossoms, or petals from your favorite flowers

6. Water tinted with your favorite shade of food coloring

7. Acorns, nettles, or anything collected from a garden

8. Whole walnuts or other nuts in their shells

Enjoy a relaxing herbal complexion scrub.

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  1. B.B. says:

    Great ideas. I also like to use whole coffee beans with a pillar candle. When you light the candle you can smell the warm scent of coffee. Yum.

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