Dana Slatkin

Spinach Soup with Indian Spices and Fried Chickpeas

Spinach Soup with Indian Spices and Fried Chickpeas

Do you ever buy the same item every week at the grocery store, only to discover you had six more of them sitting at home? For some reason, on my usual pass down the frozen foods aisle, I always grab a bag of organic spinach. I think, this will save me a trip to the store when there is nothing fresh in the produce bin. But upon digging through my freezer and finding it crammed full of spinach bags, I realized it was time to start using them.

So I came up with this silky and aromatic soup, which resembles a Palak (Indian for spinach) Soup but without the traditional additions of cream and butter. The recipe consists entirely of on-hand ingredients, a beauty thing. To add some crunch, I fried chickpeas in a spiced-up rice flour batter and sprinkled them on top. Of course, those crispy little nibbles ended up being the hit of dinner. Be sure to serve extra in a bowl on the side and watch them disappear. They would make an addictive Superbowl snack so fans, take note. Enjoy this soup with whole wheat naan, couscous, or polenta. And then thank me for freeing up some space in your freezer!

For more addictive Superbowl nibbles, try Shiitake Mushroom Fries and Crispy Parmesan Kale Chips.

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