Dana Slatkin

Sweet and Sour Glass Noodle Soup with Tofu and Fennel

Come Sunday evening, I am as limp as the leftover vegetables in my fridge. After a busy weekend shuttling kids to and from their activities and social engagements, all I want is a hot bath, a cup of tea, and some melatonin.

Dinner is my final hurdle, a chance to gather the family together and recharge before beginning another hectic week. Though there are times when takeout is quite tempting, I prefer my weekend finale wholesome and home-brewed.

The idea of soup, noodles, and vegetables in the same bowl is especially appealing on a Sunday evening. A hearty, three-course meal in one, with only one pot to clean? Now we’re talking.

Rooting through my purchases from last week’s farmers market, I found a bulb of fennel that needed some attention (It never ended up in that gratin I was planning to make.), along with some wilting scallions. I tossed them into a pot with garlic, carrot and mushroom, and started building this Thai-inspired soup.

Since I was feeling too lazy to chop, I cut a few slices of unpeeled ginger and smashed a stalk of lemongrass, stuffing them in my tea strainer to infuse the vegetable broth. Pre-soaked bean thread noodles (cut them with a scissors so they are easier to eat) would keep the kids busy slurping. Some organic tofu added easy protein (cooked salmon, egg, or meat would also do the trick).

Less than fifteen minutes later, dinner was served, everyone was happy, and the new week was looking promising already.

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