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Finbarr’s Curried Vegetable Soup

curry soup

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While everyone is complaining about how busy they are these days (it’s not a contest, peeps!), I’m still savoring summer. After all, late-season tomatoes, zucchini and basil still figure prominently in my cooking. And a little reminiscing doesn’t hurt when you’re stuck in gridlock traffic or buried in work.

So allow me to indulge in some of this summer’s best bits. On the most basic level, the weather was historically quite mild. I did an unforgettable hike to the top of a mountain with my 6-year old. And a trip to the Iowa State Fair after my Smucker’s cooking shoot left some indelible impressions: the live birth of twin lambs, the butter sculpture of Mt. Rushmore, and the fried Oreo on a stick…which was not as orgasmic as I expected.

But my favorite taste memory of the summer is this soup. I ordered it whenever it was on the menu at our favorite mountain pub, Finnbarr’s.

Owned and lovingly run by the delightful O’Donovan s, the cozy tavern spills out onto a leafy pedestrian mall during the summer months, attracting crowds with its farm-to-fork Irish fare. Situated in the heart of town, Finnbarr’s became our chosen spot this summer. Every time we went, it felt like we were in the right place at the right time.

This velvety soup gets its groove from some beguiling flavors such as curry, lemongrass, coriander and cloves, plus rich and creamy coconut milk (use the light variety if you prefer). Throw in whatever vegetables you find at the farmers market; it’s hard to go wrong. Cheers to Kelly and Denis for kindly sharing Chef Joe Flamer’s recipe!

Now that evenings are cooling down here in Los Angeles, this soup will be simmering in my kitchen frequently. And come dinnertime, despite all the whining about how busy we all are, we’ll be in just the right place at the right time.

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