Dana Slatkin

Asparagus Fritters with Cucumber-Feta Dipping Sauce

Asparagus FrittersIn the weeks before Memorial Day, my oven will get less and less play, eventually taking a long summer vacation. But my stovetop will be cranking year ’round. It is still my favorite way to sweet-talk the subtle flavors from spring vegetables.

How to showcase the bounties that beckon from farmers market stands, while tempting the skeptic eaters in your house? Consider the fritter. Just about any vegetable lends itself to this simple shallow or deep-fried morsel, which includes eggs and often some type of flour or breading to bind the batter.

I had already mastered crispy orbs of potato, zucchini, corn and cauliflower. But I was in the mood for asparagus.

Fashioning the verdant stalks into fritters presented a few hurdles. Asparagus can be unappealingly stringy, especially when raw. Then there was the moisture factor, which needed to be minimized to thwart sogginess and menacingly hot splatter. The final challenge was to adequately cook the asparagus before the outer crust burned.

After a number of attempts, I settled on this easy recipe, in which the asparagus is lightly steamed, then coarsely chopped and combined with garbanzo flour to soak up the moisture. The snappy green cakes were an instant hit. And as always in my kitchen, it was time well-spent and deliciously frittered away.

If you like asparagus, try my Asparagus with White Bean Salad, or try making them into Fries!

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Photo credit: kalofagas.ca

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