Dana Slatkin

Sauteed Spinach with Porcini-Truffle Powder

Spinach with Truffle PowderI am not one to use gadgets in the kitchen. In fact, my friends are baffled that I do not even own a standing mixer. But to me, the math is simple: If [storage space] + [time required to assemble, clean and disassemble] the thing equals or exceeds [time spent accomplishing same task with own two hands], then said gadget is not worth the investment.


There are two exceptions. One is my beloved KitchenAid food Processor, signed by Jacques Pepin and his daughter Claudette at a charity auction, which can elegantly grate through 10 potatoes in less than a minute. Even yours truly, the empress of Potato Latkes can’t touch that.

The other is my spice grinder, which can turn dried porcini mushrooms into a flavor-charged powder in a matter of seconds. Why would anyone want to turn perfectly good dried mushrooms into dust, you wonder? Try this recipe and you will find out.

Spinach never had it so good. And once you taste the magic of mushroom dust, you’ll want to sprinkle it on everything from broccoli to green beans to pasta. The concentration of earthiness is supremely satisfying. And with the flip of a switch, finally fall is here.

If you like mushrooms, you will love my Mushroom Potato Gratin. Watch me make it on Goodbite.com!

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