Dana Slatkin

Parsnip Hummus with Moroccan Roasted Mushrooms

Parsnip HummusVeggies have always had a voice in our national diet, but they were often relegated to the back of the choir. Now they are finally getting to sing the solos. After decades of meat worshipping and protein seeking, we have become obsessed with the incredible, edible vegetable.

My vegetable romance began when I was 12, the year I decided I was done eating anything with a face or a mother. And even though my own mom was quite perturbed that I wouldn’t touch her brisket or Bolognese, I never looked back. I wanted to learn about, grow, cook and devour every kind of vegetable there was.

In fact, once I realized it was impossible to find the limits of the vegetal universe, it began expanding even faster (kind of like our own universe). Look around and you’ll see what I mean. Vegetables are inspiring not only our cooking but also our culture. As we forage, cook, and explore together, they keep us connected to the natural world and to one another.

This unusual, rib-sticking dish puts the humble parsnip on center stage. I love the chorus of flavors and textures, especially with warm pita bread and batons of cucumber, peppers, jicama and carrots. A rich starter or a hearty meal, it’s featured on the menu at one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurants, Momed.

Whenever I get to lunch there with my mom, we always order it with an extra side of vegetables.

If you love hummus as I do, try Momed’s Avocado Hummus.

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Photo credit: Serious Eats.

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