Dana Slatkin

Whole-Grain Fried Tomatoes with Buttermilk Basil Caper Dressing

Fried Green TomatoesSleep late on a weekend morning? Not me. I would rather grab my cloth totes and head to the farmers market. Here in Aspen, it’s the place to be on Saturday mornings. Sprawled out over five city blocks, the market bustles with a friendly, homespun vibe. Farmers, artisans, locals and tourists mingle cheerfully, trading glorious summer fruits and vegetables, cheeses, chutneys, crafts, and everything in between.

Last weekend, I brought along my friend Lisa Petrillo, an entertainment reporter for CBS in Miami. We perused the stalls together, chatted up the vendors, bought raw goat milk brie and kettle popcorn. But Lisa had more than a shopping trip in mind. She was cooking up a story about something bigger, about a national phenomenon that some have even referred to as a grassroots food revolution.

Cultivating this movement towards a more local, personal food supply are more than 6,000 farmers markets that have sprung up around the country. They are bringing together communities of people who not only care about good food, they also care about each other.

I came up with this recipe after spotting some crimson beauties at one of the local stands. Sliced, breaded, and fried like onion rings, they were some of the tastiest, most addictive tomatoes I’ve had all summer. You can see where I got my inspiration on CBS’ website. Or better yet, you can get up early this weekend and catch the best of summer while it’s fresh.

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The August Cooking Contest has begun. Enter your favorite tomato recipe for a chance to win some excellent prizes!

Photo credit: tastespotting.com

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