Dana Slatkin

Brie and Tomato Sandwich with Chutney and Other Lunchbox Ideas

Brie Tomato SandwichHere in Los Angeles, summer has a way of lingering well into Fall. The steamy weather often lasts until Halloween, making getting our heads back in the game even more of a challenge. If you have kids starting school or are returning from vacation, reality is likely setting in: our schedules are already stuffed, and the lazy days of summer are gone. So I am all for making life easy wherever possible. In my house, that means planning meals ahead. Even if it involves some Martha Stewart-style obsessing.

I may not be able to figure out how to use my Blackberry calendar, but I know what I want to feed my family. So on Sunday mornings, before heading out to my farmers market, I’ll jot down all the recipes I plan to make for the week. Then I’ll group them into meals and assign a menu to each day of the week ahead. Though I do take requests, there’s no soliciting consensus from my opinionated family.

It might sound neurotic and undemocratic , but it ends up saving hours in unnecessary trips to the market. And in fact, my crew is usually thrilled to be served a surprise feast every night. Packing lunchboxes is never a struggle and dinner has become a meal to enjoy rather than resent.

Since my daughter prefers lunch from home rather than the school cafeteria, this is the sandwich I often pack. It’s the one I used to make in my dorm room just about every day when I was in college. It brings back those long, studious days at the campus library, daydreaming of a summer that always seemed too fleeting.

Here are some other tasty lunchbox ideas:

There are still a few days left to enter the all-summer-long Cooking Contest and the August Giveaway! Stay tuned for the winners!

Photo credit: WorldOnlineMedia

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  1. Lora says:

    Wow. I am seriously impressed with your pre farmers market meal planning and that nectarine chutney looks delectable pained with brie.

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