Dana Slatkin

Winter Chopped Salad

Winter Chopped Salad

Winter Chopped Salad

Even when it is parka and scarf weather, there are days when I still crave a light salad. After a month of decadent holiday feasting, there’s nothing more comforting than a heap of fresh vegetables glossed with an effervescent vinaigrette. This salad makes me feel like a warrior. 2010? I say, bring it on!

I know, it’s the last week of the decade, the last chance to gorge in the Aughties. After all, we made it through this roller coaster of a year. We deserve to…no, we need to…indulge! So go ahead and pop open that bottle of bubbly. Pour one glass for yourself, one for someone you love, and one into the blender for this festive and fortifying salad. It’s what I’ll be digging into come January first.

I’ve attempted to replicate the recipe from one of my favorite local watering holes, Gulfstream Restaurant. It’s a versatile salad designed to showcase whatever vegetables are on the stands at your farmers market. The more the merrier. The trick here is to make sure all the ingredients are as dry and chilled as possible, since no one enjoys a soggy salad. If you have leftover cooked green beans, fennel, squash, or broccoli, toss them in, too. Thinly sliced radishes, crumbled blue cheese (we have a lovely local one called Point Reyes), candied pecans — all are welcome garnishes to top off your colorful creation. This salad should leave you feeling sparkling ready to ride another roller coaster. Happy New Year……may it be rejuvenating and memorable!

For another versatile cold-weather salad to start off 2010, try Shredded Tricolor Salad with Pine Nuts, Currants and Parmesan.

Photo credit: Cook’s Illustrated

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  1. Marcee Duchene says:

    Thank you.  I’m trying your recipe this evening as the Gulfstream Chopped Salad is my favorite.  I love everything at Gulfstream but I only order this.  I want to point out that, at least most recently, there is fresh mint in this salad and it’s such a treat when you get a bite with the fresh mint.

  2. susan_npc says:

    I love this salad at Gulfstream – thanks for your version.

    It would be easy to pick up a couple cooked chicken breasts on my way home and add them to the salad – more of a meal for the guys.

  3. teddy gorey says:

    Thank you! It is also my favorite and only dish I order on their terrific menu.

    Dana, did the restaurant give you the dressing recipe?Do you know the calorie count in a portion?

  4. Dana Slatkin says:

    Hi, Teddy, The recipe is my take on Gulfstream’s version. My guess is they are adding mayonnaise to emulsify the vinaigrette and probably a lot more oil. I’m sorry I do not know the calorie count, but it seems reasonably healthy…until you add tempura-fried chicken on top! Happy cooking!

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