Dana Slatkin

Radicchio Caesar Salad

Radicchio Caesar SaladThis is no ho-hum salad. In fact, my kids call it a “Cnaesar” because all the pepper makes them want to sneeze. But they gobble it up.
The radicchio holds up beautifully, even when doused with dressing. The tofu gives the dressing a luxurious creaminess without the unwieldy, dense consistency of most restaurant versions. And the roasted garlic oil eliminates the astringent bite of raw garlic (no death-breath!). You can find Roasted Garlic Oil in grocery stores and on online, but I like to make my own. If you would like the simple recipe, send me a comment and I’ll shoot it right over.

Radicchio Salad

If you are trying to cut down on fat and calories, you can lighten up the dressing even more by substituting half of the oil with vegetable broth. Either way, this salad is more than something to sneeze at…and absolutely delicious.


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Photo credits: epicurean.com and seductionmeals.com

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