Dana Slatkin

Escarole, Hearts of Palm and Avocado Salad

Hearts of Palm SaladIt was dinner time, my family was seated at the table, and I was tossing salad. A typical weeknight…or so I thought. The salad did look quite appealing, I must say. But leafy generally does not fly in my house. It sits in the bowl until I eat it myself.


Not to complain…the family dinner is my favorite time of day. Once the meal is on the table, I finally get to exhale.

Cooking for others is an act of letting go. Chances are, all of your hard work will be enjoyed some of the time, but rarely all of the time. Appetites are just too personal — no two people ever eat exactly alike. So rather than feeling dejected by uneaten efforts, it’s best not to become too attached to anything you cook.

The other night, however, I managed somehow to serve a dish that tempted everyone at the table, including my skeptical teenager, my adventuresome yet self-conscious ‘tween, my sporadically curious tot, and my loving but indifferent husband. I was stunned.

Here is the recipe, an evergreen salad that marries creamy, crunchy, bitter, and sweet, with a crimson-colored vinaigrette that just might please your crowd, too. If you can’t find blood oranges, tangerines or clementines would be just as tasty.

It will definitely be on the menu for my upcoming Easter/Passover class. And I have a feeling that, in my house, salad days have just begun.

If you’re in the mood for salad, you’ll want to try all of these:

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Photo credit: KalynsKitchen.com

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