Dana Slatkin

The Boiled and the Beautiful: Asparagus with White Bean Salad, Walnuts and Maple-Jalapeno Vinaigrette

Asparagus with White Bean Salad

Boiled vegetables used to tell a dreary tale. Cooked until they were limp and lifeless, they were reminiscent of comatose institutional food. Surely they were the reason many of my friends spent their childhoods as veg-phobics.

But the technique I learned as an apprentice in France gives vegetables vigor like no other. In fact, it is my favorite way of preparing asparagus: plain and simple. Just a brief swim in well-salted bubbling water followed by an iced-cold dunk brings out the vivid green color while preserving texture, nutrients, and flavor.

Asparagus with White Bean Salad

This gorgeous vegan salad, abundant with meatless protein, mingles emerald-colored asparagus with white beans, carrot coins, fresh corn, and vibrant herbs. It is as much at home on a family table as it would be in a picnic basket or at an elegant banquet. The vinaigrette has subtle sweet and spicy undertones that would suit any summer salad. Master this technique and boiled vegetables will never be outlawed again.


Serve this salad with Porcini-Crusted Salmon and Farmgirl Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches for a fab summer feast!

Only a few days left to enter the July cooking contest! Thank you to all those who have submitted their recipes. The winner will be announced on August 1.

Photo credits: kathdedon.wordpress.com and them-apples.co.uk

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