Dana Slatkin


Farmgirl Menus

We are living in an age of cooking enlightenment. With the explosion of television shows, websites, blogs, radio shows and magazines devoted to all things food, there are now jillions of recipes at our fingertips.

Sure it’s tantalizing. But deciding what to cook can be completely overwhelming. What we need is recipe playlist, telling us what to make and when to make it. The Beverly Hills Farmgirl is here to help.

These menus are in rotation at my house week after week. Once you stock up the kitchen with staples from my Farmgirl Shopping List, pulling together a meal is no problem. Drop by your local farmers market once a week, stop at a seafood counter for fresh fish, and cook ahead of time whenever possible. Somehow, knowing what’s on the menu takes most of the stress out of cooking. And for those of us who cook, that’s sweet inspiration.