Dana Slatkin

Banana Bread with Coconut, Oats and Flaxseed

Did anyone catch last weekend’s SNL episode where Justin Timberlake rocks out as a lovable block of tofu? “No meat, c’est chic!” he raps. It was one for the Vegheads. And this Farmgirl couldn’t be happier to have J.T. in her corner.

But while I’m thrilled tofu has made it into our national zeitgeist and plant-based diets are hip again, mass-produced soy nuggets and energy bars aren’t going to make us any healthier.

We know that avoiding processed foods and eating lots of whole foods prepared from scratch will make your body happier (and will probably buy you a few more years on your lifeline). But can you pull off a clean diet while living life in the fast lane?

Absolutely. The solution is not at a take-out counter or on a shelf of snack foods either. It’s right in your kitchen. This weekend.

I’m betting that on Saturday or Sunday you’ll have a few precious hours that are unaccounted for. The spouse or kids might even be around to recruit for help. This is your chance to whip up a few recipes for the next week — ones that are clean, satisfying, and ready to reheat.

I’ll be sharing lots of these make-ahead marvels in the coming weeks. Like this whole-grain, fiber-packed banana bread. I’ve been making variations of it just about every Sunday for years. Whenever I have some ripe bananas, I peel them and store them in the freezer until the weekend rolls around. Then I’ll dump them into a big bowl and hand the masher to one of my kids. They know the drill.

I’ve found that maple sugar lends a subtle caramel flavor to the mix (other “good” sugars are made from dates and coconut), but if your bananas are super sweet, you might not need to add sugar at all.

Even if you’re always on the run, touch base with your oven this weekend. Clean living has never been groovier, so go ahead and get your baking on. That means you, J.T.

Note: Once sliced, wrap the loaves in wax paper or foil and refrigerate or freeze. Reheat in the toaster oven until warm.

Looking for more healthy ways to start the day? Here are some Farmgirl Favorite Power Breakfasts:

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Disclaimer: This post may contain totally benign and well-intentioned affiliate links. All content is unsponsored, uncensored, and undeniably honest.

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  1. Michael says:

    Yummy! Love the flakes of coconut you can see throughout the loaf.

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