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Vegan (or vegetarian) Kale Caesar Salad with Miso Almond Crumble

kale salad

Since we’re in the midst of the month of love, the age of Aquarius, and my birthday, I thought I’d give a shout out to someone I really love.

My heart.

Yes, my tireless little blood sausage of life deserves some appreciation this week. Did you know that neglected hearts account for more deaths in women than all of the cancers combined? I’m making sure to give mine plenty of love.

In fact, I’ve been cooking just what it wants lately, thanks to the trove of new tips I learned from Ashley Koff, the renowned dietician that Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil turn to when they need answers. Last week, Ashley and I teamed up for the third time to teach a Heart-Healthy class aimed at teaching my students how their hearts like to be fed.

With her trademark enthusiasm and positivity, Ashley helped make sense of some vast amounts of medical research, information and advice. What I love about her approach is that she says yes a lot more than no…yes to dairy (make it organic and full-fat), yes to soy (organic is a must to avoid GMO beans) and bring it on! to chocolate (the darker the better).

kale caesar salad with miso almond crumbleOur menu, which got the AKA stamp of approval, was full of organic vegetables, wonderful spices, omega-packed fish and nuts, and other superfoods. We began with this salad, a vegan take on my staple Caesar, starring ever-popular kale and featuring a delicious savory granola-like topping made of almonds, hemp hearts (an Ashley Koff favorite) and white miso paste (an irresistible snack on its own).

Best of all, our heart-healthy feast delighted our tongues, too. If you would like a copy of the recipes from the class, fill out this form and I will gladly send them to you. Because I am happy to share the love this month. This lucky Farmgirl has plenty to spare.

Wondering what else to cook for your Valentine?

Try these delicious heart-healthy recipes:

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Don’t miss a chance to win a fabulous ceramic wok from Mepra. Enter the February Cooking Contest with any of your favorite recipes. The winner will be announced March 1 and the winning recipe will be shared with all 90210 Farmgirl readers!

Photo credit: Feed Me Phoebe

Disclaimer: This post contains totally benign and well-intentioned affiliate links, which contribute infinitesimally to bringing you the Farmgirl’s recipes free of charge. All content is unsponsored and uncensored.

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