Dana Slatkin

Spring Fritters with Chick Peas and Lentils

chickpea lentil fritterA few posts ago, I wrote about cooking your way back to groovy with some Justin Timberlake-inspired meatless cooking. How’s that going for you? Hopefully you’ve begun the season with some fresh, home-cooked fare. I’d love to hear about it!

As promised, here is another “make-ahead marvel” for a quick and flavorful lunch or dinner. I’ve adapted the recipe from my friend Matt Poley of Heirloom L.A. Catering, who was kind enough to share some of his favorite vegan recipes with my students last month.

The fritters are a lighter version of felafel, and even lighter than the fritters I posted a couple seasons ago. Absent breadcrumbs or fillers, the cumin-scented patties pack a lot of pizazz. The whole chick peas and lentils add some texture, but for extra crunch, coat them in panko (GF folks will like these) before browning them in a pan.

The tricky part is keeping the patties together, but a few tips will help: form them no larger than 3 inches (2-inch patties make addictive hors’doeuvres) and don’t add more than a light slick of oil to the pan (I used this cast-iron skillet for even browning). Serve them with a cool and refreshing Yogurt Tahini Sauce, Persian Cucumber Yogurt Salad
or Cucumber Feta Dipping Sauce and you will have a spring in your step in no time.

There are still a few days left to enter the April Cooking Contest. Send in your favorite Mexican recipe…and you will be enjoying this beautiful wooden salad bowl just in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, earnestly intended to help dear readers make informed consumer choices while supporting invaluable, unsponsored, free-of-charge and delicious content.

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