Dana Slatkin

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Chips with Truffle Salt and Lime

Holidays? What holidays? These days, it’s all about the aftermaths of the election and wretched Sandy. And rightly so. Millions are facing life-altering challenges, and for those of us who managed to escape this time, the past few weeks have been a sobering reality check.

So don’t even think about the epic family feast that is right around the corner. Ignore all the glossy magazines and food blogs. Step away from the Food Network. We’re lucky to have food on the table and to be together.

But in case you still can’t help freaking out about facing the last stretch of the year (that would be me), try to take it one meal at a time.

Though this recipe has become an everyday staple in our house, it’s festive enough to hold its own on any holiday buffet. In fact, Brussels sprouts are in the midst of a renaissance lately. Could it be that we’ve finally developed a taste for all things cruciferous because we know how nutritious they are?

I think our latest love affair has more to do with the fact that Brussels are at last showing their irresistible allure.

Back in 2009, I posted a recipe for Brussels sprout chips, and my family has been enamored ever since. Separating the leaves from the cores is actually quite meditative, and the resulting crisp, paper-thin leaves are well worth the labor. Save the cores for another time, or roast them right along with the leaves (the cores take longer so crank up the heat once you remove the browned leaves).

You’ll want to roast the leaves right before serving, then sprinkle them with a little lime juice at the table. Or, you can pre-roast them several hours before, leave them just shy of crispy doneness, and pop them in the oven again just before gobbling them up…

…in case you have other things on your mind.

Brussels keep for an unusually long time in the fridge. So stock up! Here are some more delicious ways to serve them:

Photo credit: thekitchn.com and tumblr_lxmdouiomc1qdei8m.jpg.

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