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Finnbarr’s Kale and Artichoke Dip

kale artichoke dip

Photo credit: Audrey Slatkin

I’ve never lived in Ireland, but if I did, I would probably hang out at my neighborhood pub all the time. There’s something so magnetic about that cozy, familiar space right around the corner, the one where they know you by name, the menu always speaks to your appetite, and there’s someone there to welcome you with a smile every day of the week.

But closer to home, nestled by the mountains in Aspen, Colorado, there’s an Irish pub that fits my fantasy. It’s named after St. Finnbarr, the fair-haired patron saint of Cork, and it turns out some of the best pub fare (translation: comfort food) I can imagine.

This delicious twist on a classic duo is the most addictive concoction ever. The last time I polished off a whole batch myself, I knew I had to share the recipe with you. Luckily, the lovable owners of Finnbarr’s, Kelly and Denis O’Donovan, and their amiable chef, Joe Flamer, graciously obliged.

Long before kale became a thing on our side of the Atlantic, it was a staple in Ireland, showing up in rustic native dishes like Colcannon, a creamy mash of potatoes, kale, cream and butter. Here, it gets a modern spin without sacrificing its home-grown roots. Serve the convivial dip with tortilla chips and colorful crudités or by itself as a scrumptious vegetarian side dish.

It may not be the healthiest thing you’ll ever make, but you’re sure to get lots of raves. And with its warm, pub-style appeal, it just might keep your family and friends hanging around…which is top on my agenda for the upcoming holidays.

By the way, if you’re already obsessing about Thanksgiving as I am, now is the time to round up your recipes. I’ll be teaching and posting plenty in the next few weeks, so stay close. And for a jumpstart on your T-day menu, scroll down for some of my most popular picks!


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