Dana Slatkin

Cranberry Raspberry Relish

Cranberry Raspberry Relish

Cranberry Raspberry Relish

The Thanksgiving meal is no child’s play. Expectations are high, everyone comes hungry, and it’s all about the food, right? Not really, but this is the week we eager hostesses turn into iron chefs. Vegetables are vigorously chopped, ovens are on full tilt for days, recipes are meticulously followed.

When it comes to feeding 18 adoring yet ravenous guests, I am not messing around. I rely on road-tested recipes that work every time. This is one of them. It may not be the most inventive cranberry sauce, but it does have a lovely aromatic twist, and it requires only one pot, one burner, and less than 10 minutes of your precious time.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear foodie friends. I am signing off until next week. May yours be a meaningful, memorable and delicious holiday!

Looking for fresh ideas for your holiday table? I promise plenty of inspiration in Cold Weather Entertaining!

Photo credits: Justin Bernhaut / Real Simple

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  1. kara fox says:

    looking forward to making your raspberry cranberry sauce for thanksgiving dinner!!!

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