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Luscious Vegan Red Wine Sauce

Vegan Red Wine SauceWhen I was cooking in France just a couple of years — okay, decades — ago, nouvelle cuisine was just beginning to emerge onto the haute cuisine scene. At the time, it was almost heretical to think of French food prepared without massive quantities of cream and butter. Michel Guèrard, proprietor of the idyllic resort and spa Les Pres d’Eugenie, and my boss at the time, was daring to cook without either, using vegetable purées or yogurt to thicken luxuriously flavorful sauces. His enlightened style of cooking drew crowds of gastronomes from around the globe.

How did Chef Guèrard manage to polish up centuries of baked-in Gallic tradition? After a few months apprenticing in his kitchen, I managed to crack the code. It didn’t involve a complicated formula or fancy equipment. It came down to a simple technique: the reduction.

The foundation of most French sauces and one of the first goalposts of classical training, a reduction couldn’t be simpler. Start with superior ingredients such as a dry wine or homemade stock and some aromatic vegetables, put them in a pan, and boil them down to about a sixth of their volume. Strain out the solids, then mount the brew with something luscious and creamy.

When I was making tofu steaks the other night, I was curious to see if I could come up with a vegan version of the sauce I learned during my stint with Guèrard. So I turned to two of my favorite staples, coconut milk and miso paste.

I poured some leftover red wine into a wide pan with a handful of sliced shallot dug out of my garden that morning, simmered it down to a syrupy tea, and then whisked in salty miso and velvety coconut milk. To my surprise, it became a deep, sumptuous sauce in a matter of minutes without any additional seasoning. I could have guzzled the whole batch on its own.

Try saucing seared tofu or fish, roasted chicken, grilled steak, even fried eggs. It’s a nouvelle way to turn everyday cooking into haute cuisine. Around my table, luxury just got lighter.

If you like things saucy like I do, try these easy Fall dinners:

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