Dana Slatkin

Seared Island Fish with Spicy Barbadian Cucumber Relish

Seared Fish with Cucumber RelishI know Spring has only just recently sprung but, in New York City last week, you had to look hard to find any signs of warmth. A few baby pink cherry blossoms ventured bravely from barren branches, but most of the metropolis was still in winter mode. It was so frigid, even swigging soup and tea every few hours couldn’t thaw me out.

It was enough to give me an early yen for summer. So as soon as I returned home, I headed straight for the kitchen, to cook some sunshine back into my bones.


I was testing some recipes for my upcoming class on island cooking when I came up with this dish. My Barbadian friend Ronnie shared with me her recipe for the spicy cucumber relish, which she says is a common condiment on tables throughout the Caribbean. I liked it so much, I served it to the family along with a meaty portion of seared halibut and a drizzle of tangerine vinaigrette, which I also tossed into a salad. The mustard-citrus flavors give just about any grilled protein a bright, tropical twist.

Suddenly, summer doesn’t feel so far off after all.

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Photo credit: delish.com

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