Dana Slatkin

Easy BBQ-Spiced Roasted Salmon

Salmon FishWhen I teach cooking classes to kids, what tickles me most is watching the transformation on their eager little faces over the course of two hours. This past weekend, I taught a group of girls, ranging in age from six to twelve. They were all giggles and enthusiasm until I told them what was on the menu.


“Ewwww!” they all moaned, squirming at the thought of having to eat fish for lunch. I could see the thought bubbles above their heads as they planned their escape to the nearest California Pizza Kitchen.

Spice-Rubbed SalmonFirst, I showed them how to select a piece of fish, letting them sniff it first to make sure it was fresh. They learned about the importance of buying local, wild, and not previously frozen. And then they prepared this simple spice rub for salmon, one that I make all the time for dinner parties because it is just such a crowd-pleaser.

The girls stirred together the spice mixture and packed it onto the tops of the filets. Touching the fish skin induced a few cringes, so I explained how leaving it intact during the roasting process would help keep the juices in. Ten minutes later, my fish-phobic students were polishing off their salmon, freshly converted to the sweet, rich, and smoky delight of their perfectly cooked catch.

I guess you can teach young pups a few old tricks.

This month’s Cooking Contest is all about pie. Share your recipe for any kind of pie (sweet or savory) for a chance to win some real kitchen keepers!

Photo credit: tastespotting.com

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