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Pan-seared Tandoori Fish (or Tofu) with Mint Chutney

tandoori fish or tofu recipe

Photo by: rx4foodies

Last week, something happened on the way to my latte. I was reaching for my favorite white chocolate powder, which I always stir into my coffee, when I noticed the ingredients on the label. Well, sort of. Squinting to read the microscopic words (yes, I’m now that age), I realized I couldn’t pronounce any of them.

It dawned on me that I had been greeting each day with a scoop of chemicals. After resolving last month to try and eat less c.r.a.p. (chemicals, refined sugar, artificial ingredients, and processed foods), I had been tanking my best intentions every morning.

Bummer. Did I have to dump another indulgence down the drain? I peeked into my cupboards, scrutinizing the boxes of food I had stocked simply out of habit, convenience, or comfort. Gulp.

I realized this Farmgirl could do a better job of sticking to her principles. So I hid the tin of powder along with a few other offenders, regrouped, and decided from now on, I would be swapping sugar for spice.

Sobered from my morning, I was determined to get back on course with dinner. Since I was having company that night, I chose an Indian-inspired yogurt marinade, radiant with spices, to slather over both wild halibut and organic tofu, searing them in a cast-iron pan. Then I whipped up a perky mint and cilantro sauce to drizzle on top. The flavors were exotic and satisfying, pure and enticing — whole foods at their finest.

I’ve tried the marinade — minus the yogurt — on cauliflower, potatoes, turnips, and Brussels sprouts, roasting them until deliciously browned and tender. With the yogurt, it’s a creamy dip for crudités, artichokes, Latkes and vegetable fries. My recipe even got nutritionist Ashley Koff’s stamp of approval. But best of all, it helped me make peace with my conscience…at least for now.

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There are still a couple days left to enter my February Cooking Contest! Thank you to all the entrants who have shared their wonderful recipes. Raspberry Truffle Brownies, Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, Steamed Chinese Dumplings, Maryland Crab Cakes, Asparagus Pesto, and Mushroom Brie Bisque are just a few! The winner will be announced March 1 and will receive this fabulous wok from Mepra. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This post contains totally benign and well-intentioned affiliate links, which contribute infinitesimally to bringing you the Farmgirl’s recipes free of charge. All content is unsponsored and uncensored.

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