Dana Slatkin

Grilled Fish in Grape Leaves with Feta-Oregano Smashed Potatoes

Fish Wrapped in Grape Leaves

If you prefer your fish flaky, not steak-y, then summer grilling has probably been wishful thinking. No matter how much you slick the grill, it seems impossible to get a beautifully cross-hatched fillet instead of a fishy mess.

Wrapping the fish in grape leaves is your ticket to barbecue repute. The fish takes on a summery bouquet of citrus, brine and char, while retaining its moisture and tenderness. Serve the fish right in its package, and your guests can decide whether to eat the leaves or not (they are delicious but perhaps an acquired taste for the uninitiated).

The smashed potatoes provide a fluffy bed for this lovely Mediterranean dinner. Serve it with some tzadiki or Persian Cucumber Salad alongside and you will be good to grill on those hot August nights.

Do you love fish like I do? Here is another one of my favorite ways to prepare it…and it takes less than 10 minutes: Porcini-Crusted Salmon.

Don’t forget to enter our August cooking contest.

Photo credit: honestfare.com

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