Dana Slatkin

Ten Farmgirl Finds for Spring

If you’re noticing sunnier days, cheerful daffodils and tulips, and copious displays of ramps and asparagus, it’s spring all right. Pull out your salad recipes, your tee shirts, and your shades. It’s time to get fresh.

On a sunny spring day, I love to grab my reusable bags and head to my neighborhood farmers market (if yours is not open yet, hit the produce aisle at your supermarket). The array of fresh vegetables and fruits always inspires me both in and outside the kitchen. On my menus, soups and stews make way for salads and easy pastas. I trade dark colors for pastels and ditch heavy makeup.

There’s nothing like the promise of sunshine to put some spring in your step and in your kitchen! Here are a few of my favorite spring things:

mint green infinity scarf1. Mint Green Infinity Scarf
It’s the It color of the season…and a quick way to freshen up your cold-weather look. Infinity scarves are so easy to style and give any outfit a cool edge. Try one with a little lace, a chevron pattern, or stripes. More…

converse chuck taylors2. Converse Chuck Taylors in Mint
The classic Chucks meet fresh! These mint green kicks are flying off the shelves so nab some if you can. More…

Farmgirl shop olive oil3. Beverly Hills Farmgirl Organic Olive Oil
Produced by a certified organic olive oil producer on California’s central coast, this light yet super-flavorful oil was chosen in a blind taste test out of a dozen contenders. My favorite for salad dressings, marinades, baking and pasta sauce. The bottle is dark-colored to preserve freshness and is kosher-certified. 500 ml.  More…

green tea matcha4. Green tea
A scant quarter teaspoon of this mega-concentrated matcha tea will jack your water bottle with enough flavor and antioxidants to keep you going all day long. Drink it hot or iced. More…

silicon bakins sheet5. Silicone Baking sheets

These cheerful nonstick baking mats made of British silicone (the highest quality). They are odorless and don’t discolor like other brands, and these will never leach chemicals onto your food. I use them for baking tortilla chips and cookies, roasting vegetables and warming up anything in the oven. More…

anything that moves by dana goodyear6. Clear off that stack of unread books on your nightstand and replace them with ones you can really sink your teeth into. Here are a few of my recent favorites.

Anything That Moves by Dana Goodyear

What If? by Jessica Barondes
A Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante
The Sprouted Kitchen
by Sara Forte


organic seeds of change7. Organic Seeds from Seeds of Change

Spring is the perfect time to start planting your garden. I’ve been getting my seeds from Seeds of Change for years and have never been disappointed. 100% certified organic and non GMO, these flower, herb and vegetable seeds arrive in the mail in beautifully designed packets. More…

8. Cooking gloves in spring green

These 100% natural, non-toxic latex gloves are the best way to prevent cuts, burns, odors, contamination, and chipped nails. I never cook without them. More…

compact wallet9. Compact wallet

My friends laugh because I stuff everything I need for the day into this compact little wallet. No heavy purse or giant tote to weigh me down! This is the money color. More…

ice tea maker10. Iced tea maker
Ever since an iced tea mishap in which a glass pitcher exploded boiling water down my leg, I’ve been searching for an easy way to make my favorite beverage. This sleek pitcher made of nontoxic, heatproof plastic steeps your favorite tea leaves without a mess or fuss. Just in time for the lovely warm days of spring. More…

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