Dana Slatkin

Yogurt Mousse with Honey-Poached Apricots

Yogurt Mousse

Yogurt Mousse

With the sweltering heat in most parts of the country, I’m betting you’ve already made at least one trip to your local frozen yogurt shop to cool off with a cup of tart “fro yo.” We Angelenos like to stake claim to the original purveyor of this trendy national obsession, Pinkberry, though no one can really keep track of which fruity moniker deserves the credit for popularizing this latest dairy delicacy. I have occasionally enjoyed one of the tasty but gas-producing treats, topping it with fresh fruit to rationalize it as wholesome. But personally, I would rather forgo the stomach cramps and whip up something at home.

This smooth and refreshing dessert from Summertime Anytime is like a pleasant after-dinner walk, giving you a palette-cleansing lift after a heavy barbecue feast. You can use any of the summer stone fruits for the compote, or spare yourself some cooking and simply use plain berries or diced fruit. The parfaits chill in the freezer so you can go out and enjoy the summer day. Just before serving, top the parfaits with your favorite granola, nuts, or toasted coconut for a cool and creamy confection made from genuine ingredients.

Try a cool and refreshing summertime beverage from the Beverly Hills Farmgirl.

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