Dana Slatkin

Ginger-Chocolate Souffle

Ginger-Chocolate Souffle

My birthday is fast approaching and I am not happy about it. After getting pummeled by the stomach flu last week, which left me flat on my back for a full day and a half, I am feeling old. Lucky for me, thanks to a fluke of gestational timing, I get an annual consolation prize: Valentine’s Day. Every year on my birthday, hearts swoon or break, chocolates abound, and love is served up neat and pretty by eager retailers and restaurateurs.

But this year, there is another reason to celebrate on February 14th…Chinese New Year. Now that’s an excuse for a feast! The Year of the Tiger promises to be a ferocious one—wild and intense and unpredictable. The fact that it falls right on Valentine’s Day seems too strong a message to ignore. There is no way we are going to get through this beast of a year ahead without plenty of love, gratitude and, of course…chocolate.

One of my primary food groups, chocolate is the base for this mainstay of dinner party desserts. I know I just posted a soufflé recipe a few weeks ago (see Pumpkin Coconut Soufflés), but when you try this one, you will understand my urgency. It’s absolutely delightful, a cinch to prepare, and fail-proof, as I can attest to after accidentally omitting the sugar during a cooking class last weekend (still delicious). The kiss of ginger gives it that “secret ingredient” intrigue and a subtle Asian twist. As with most soufflés, I would serve these with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream or perhaps a bowl of whipped cream with a few pieces of chopped candied ginger folded in.

It’s the dessert I want to be dipping into on my birthday, as I try to pretend that I’m not another year older but another soufflé closer to “living happily ever after.”

Photo credit: MyRecipes.com

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  1. Karen Cicero says:

    This sounds super yummy! How far in advance can you make a souffle? I know they’re best served right out of the oven, but I’d often wished I could make one ahead.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. dana says:

    Hi, Karen!

    You can make the souffles the morning or even the night before serving them. Make sure to bring them to room temp before putting them in the oven. Mmmm…just like they do in fancy- schmancy restos.


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