Dana Slatkin

French Apple or Blueberry Pie

French Apple Pie or Blueberry Pie

French Apple Pie or Blueberry Pie

One of my favorite memories from childhood involves pies. Though my mother cooked from scratch almost every night, we were always on our own for dessert. This usually meant grabbing a piece of fruit or a Popsicle from the freezer. But occasionally, we would make a special trip to the Marie Callendar’s down the street. We would order four different slices of pie, because each of us refused to share. And whenever we traveled, we would search out the local pie shop to compare versions of our favorite pies.

Mine was always French Apple, served warm and á la mode, of course. But when I discovered a flat of blueberries from last week’s trip to the farmers market just beginning to wrinkle in the fridge, I decided on this variation. Below are the recipes for both fillings. When it comes to the apple version, I like the tartness and texture of Granny Smith apples, but if you prefer a sweeter and softer filling, add some McIntosh or Gala. The melted butter adds a slick richness to the apples, but you can omit it without anyone noticing.

These are pies you can prepare several days ahead, freeze them unbaked, and then pop them into the oven a few hours before serving. Both recipes are keepers…one for those late-season blues and one to save for a crisp fall day.

Looking for another warm and cozy dessert for fall? Try Chocolate-Coconut Fondue, delicious for dipping fresh berries, clementines, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, even marshmallows and pound cake.

Photo credit: CrookedRiver / photobucket

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