Dana Slatkin

Cappuccino Cheesecake with Girl Scout Cookie Crust

Cappuccino Cheesecake with Girl Scout Cookie Crust

Once a year, I buy cookies in a box…cases of them, in fact. It’s the time of year when my baking exclusively from scratch policy goes out the window. Who can turn down a precious little Girl Scout, especially one who lives with you? I’m sure if you know or reside within a few miles of a grade-school girl, you too have probably been sweet-talked into purchasing a few boxes of the addictive, endearingly packaged cookies.

I must admit, I do occasionally enjoy a couple of Thin Mints straight from the freezer. But with 10 boxes still frozen from last year and another 25 boxes sitting in my pantry, I needed to put them somewhere other than my thighs. As luck will have it, I was whipping up a cheesecake to bring to my neighbor’s house for a dinner party he hosted, and I realized there were no graham crackers in the house. So, instead, I crushed a box of Thin Mints and pressed them into a crust. It turned out to be a perfect substitute, eliminating a schlep to the market and putting a box of Girl Scout cookies to good use.

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Photo credit: memoirsoffood.blogspot.com

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    haha this post is just pure boss

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