Dana Slatkin

March Cooking Contest

March Cooking ContestMarch is all about green! What is your favorite shade? Whether it’s a soup, vegetable side, grain, or smoothie, we want to hear your favorite way to go green. Your recipe could win you an autographed copy of my cookbook, Summertime Anytime, along with a surprise cooking utensil!

To enter, send in your recipe (using the comment box below), along with a blurb about what makes it scrumptious, by March 31st. All recipes will be acknowledged, tested and tasted. The winning recipe will be featured here on this website.

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  1. Malka Wolf says:

    This is a delicious morroccan recipe

    Stuffed Artichoke Hearts

    1.5 pounds ground meat/turkey
    1 bunch cillantro (cleaned, checked and finely chopped)
    1 large onions chopped very finely
    1T cumin
    salt to taste
    2T chicken soup mix
    2 eggs

    2 bags frozen artichoke hearts

    Mix the 1st set of ingredients and add the breadcrumbs until the mixture is firm enough to form;  then stuff the artichoke hearts with the meat mixture

    1 c flour
    2 eggs well beaten

    dip the stuffed artichoke into the eggs and then into the flour…
    fry in 1 inch oil until golden brown…set aside… (they will not be fully cooked)

    In a deep pan sautee 2 large onions, thinly sliced and 3 potatoes, peeled and also thinly sliced in 1/4th a cup of oil
    place the stuffed artichokes on the bed of onions and potatoes

    sprinkle tumeric, cumin and salt over the stuffed artichokes and pour 2 cups of water over them

    cook on a low flame untill the meat is firm

    The dish is now technically ready, My family doesnt like the taste of lemons so I dont usually do  the rest of the recipe but i you do like lemon, then try this: 

    in a bowl, mix 2 eggs with the juice from 3 lemons  
    pour this mixture over the artichoke hearts and cook for another 10 minutes…..
    serve over cous cous

  2. dana says:

    Thank you so much for your recipe, Malka. How do you stuff the meat mixture into the frozen artichoke hearts? It seems like quite a feat to stuff, bread, fry, then bake them, but it must be delicious!

    I will enter your recipe in my April contest, which is all about Artichokes!



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