Dana Slatkin

January Cooking Contest

January Cooking ContestIt is the best time of year to turn over a new leaf… and I mean it literally! In my never-ending quest to find delicious, fast and fresh ways to feed the family, I am on the hunt for the best meatless recipe in your repertoire. It can be as simple as your favorite preparation for a vegetable, your go-to pasta dish, or a great way to give tofu a flavor charge. To enter, send in your recipe by January 31st, along with a comment about what makes it scrumptious.


Summertime Anytime CookbookAll recipes will be acknowledged, tested and tasted. The winning recipe will be featured here on this website, and the winner will receive an autographed copy of my cookbook, Summertime Anytime, along with a surprise cooking utensil!


Photo credit: tastespotting.com

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  1. Bat-hen Zeron says:

    A quick and tasty couscous salad!
    This salad is filling, refreshing, simple to make and always gets’s compliments.
    A small can of black olives (no pits).
    1 red bell pepper
    1 tomatoe
    Feta cheese
    1 box of “ready to make” couscous

    You make the couscous according to the instructions on the box (basically, you mix two cups of boiling water with the couscous, some olive oil and salt and keep the bowl covered for 5 min).
    Add to the couscous 1 tomatoe cut into small squares (you can cut two if you like a lot of tomatoes in your salad), 1 red bell pepper cut into small squares, black olives cut into small pieces and feta cut into small squares (again, the amount of olives and feta depends on how much you want to add).
    Mix everything together and yum!

  2. dana says:

    Hi, Bat-hen,

    Thanks so much for entering your recipe. We are having it for dinner tonight! I can taste how fresh and delicious it is already. I will be deciding on the winner of my contest this week.
    Best wishes,


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