Dana Slatkin

February Giveaway

February is the month to think pink!

I was floored when I tried the new ceramic knives from Kyocera. Not only do they slice like a scalpel, they fit well in hand and stay sharp up to 15 times longer than metal-based knives. What’s more, the blades will never rust or damage food. So you can say goodbye to browning when chopping fresh herbs, lettuce and vegetables.
Kyosera knife
This all-purpose pink Santoko knife is perfect for slicing, dicing and mincing. Plus, $5.00 from each knife sold is donated to breast cancer research.

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  1. babssobel says:


    If it weren’t for you, I would never know how to make a delicious salad dressing or a lot of other things. I love being in class: watching you grow as a teacher and the fun you create for us. Knowing how hard you work is something you never let anyone see, and I know it takes a lot of effort and love to create what you bring to us. Just to let you know know how much I love and appreciate you. xoxo, Babsie

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