Dana Slatkin

20 Ways to Love Your Chutney

Chutney 1Every cuisine has its cherished sauces. But in Indian cooking, there are chutneys. The term refers to any condiment made of fresh herbs, fruits or vegetables, vinegar or citrus, and spices. Bright, sassy, and completely individual, chutneys can inspire even the sauciest of dishes. But, until last week, I didn’t realize how many ways there were to enjoy them.


Chutney 2Using two recipes my friend Supriya demonstrated in my Easy Indian class, I cooked up this list. The chutneys that follow require neither a stove nor excessive dishwashing. But you will need to procure a box of chat masala, a wonderfully tangy spice mixture that is essential for the unique complexity of each chutney. Roasting whole cumin seeds and grinding them yourself (a coffee grinder makes the job a cinch) will further upgrade the flavors. Then consult my list. The chutneys will keep for about a week in the refrigerator, but you’ll be lucky if they last that long. For a saucy girl like me, more is definitely more.

Looking for more ways to enjoy chutneys? Try them with my Healthy Spinach Paneer, Baked Potatoes with Ratatouille, Porcini-Crusted Salmon, or Root Vegetable Hash Browns.


Photo credit: seasaltwithfood.com and tastespotting.com

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