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Get Ready for Summer!

Don’t miss the Beverly Hills Farmgirl’s final cooking class of the season! Thursday, May 28  10 am – noon With plenty of sunshine and a little extra time on your hands, summer is the perfect season to gather more often, entertain like a goddess and make memories. The Farmgirl has some brand new recipes up her sleeve and she wants you to taste them! Menu (subject to change due to availability): Strawberry Basil Spritzers, Asian BBQ Salmon Salad with Sesame Peanut Vinaigrette, Grilled Polenta Cakes with Artichokes, Summer Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella, Sautéed Zucchini with Mint and Vinegar, Raspberry Pavlova THIS CLASS WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY. SIGN UP HERE: Get Ready For Summer with The Beverly Hills Farmgirl Single Class … [Read more...]

Late Summer Salad of Nectarine, Tomato, Avocado and Burrata Cheese with Malt Vinaigrette

I know I’ve been talking a lot about fall lately, but here in L.A., there’s still a long stretch of summer left. Sunshine abounds, evenings are still warm, and Labor Day promises clear skies and a postcard-perfect backdrop for picnics and barbeques. With juicy tomatoes and stone fruits lingering on market stands well into next month, I’ll be taking advantage in the kitchen as long as possible. This colorful salad takes inspiration from a summer favorite, the ubiquitous Caprese. But the resemblance ends there. In fact, it’s got me thinking about salads in a totally different light. Most of us are used to putting some greens and veggies in a big bowl, dousing them with dressing, and then tossing the whole lot together. This technique … [Read more...]

Introducing…Cozy Fall Cooking with the Beverly Hills Farmgirl!

The Edible Farmers Market - SOLD OUT Thursday, September 18 10 am – noon Do you love going to your farmers market but have no idea what to cook once you get home? Let the Farmgirl show you how to turn the freshest finds into a weeknight feast! Menu highlights: Still Life in Salad (you’ll never think of salads the same way again); Seared Market Fish with Mushroom Tapenade and Mustard- Caper Herb Sauce; Shredded Zucchini with Scallions, Parmesan and Chile; Ten-Minute Berry Buckwheat Cobbler (whole-grain, gluten-free and refined sugar-free!) $140 per guest 2-hour class includes recipes, lunch, and a donation to a local charity If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please e-mail Dana here.   Fall Vegetarian … [Read more...]

Baby Potato Salad with Arugula, Pine Nuts, Poached Egg and Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette

Much of my summer cooking inspiration comes from my hikes here in the mountains. Just about every day, I trek along rivers, up waterfalls, beside streams and through fields of wild flowers. It’s dreamy, and I pinch myself each time I get to behold such beauty. For those few hours when I’m alone with nature, my mind always seems to wander back to food. On a recent hike up a rocky riverbed, wild leaves poking up towards the sun reminded me of arugula; multi-hued stones morphed into potatoes. On the way home, I stopped at the market and picked up the ingredients for my lunch. I love a potato salad like any good American, but traditional recipes can be heavy and monotone. Add a few interesting goodies to the spuds and they transform into … [Read more...]

Kale Peanut Slaw

Will we ever have our fill of kale? Not me. Like the perfect white tee shirt, kale has transcended the whims of food fashion to become a classic. It pairs well with almost anything. It’s hip. And it’s in season all year. Forget that it’s one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Kale makes me happy. So when the folks at Oprah.com asked me to talk about kale salads, it was an easy “yes.” (You’ve probably noticed, kale fans love to rhapsodize about its virtues.) But I wasn’t prepared to win over a reluctant carnivore, one who happened to be tall, dark and handsome. Hosting the segment, entitled Restaurant-Worthy Kale Salads (to air shortly), was Karamo Brown, all charm and swagger, an alum of MTV’s Real World and self-professed … [Read more...]

Strawberry Kale & Quinoa Salad with Cranberries, Nuts & Margarita Dressing

Slightly adapted from Michele Gan, Serves You Right Catering Funny how spring always feels like the shortest season of the year. When you’re gunning for summer, all it takes is a few days of sunshine to prompt some wishful thinking. Besides, kids are already out of school (what’s up with that?), juicy berries and tomatoes crowd the stands at our farmers markets, and barbeques are firing up in backyards all over town. Here in SoCal, spring is already old news. In case you think another kale salad is a snooze, too, try this one from superstar Los Angeles caterer Michele Gan. After serving it at a cooking class earlier this month, I got so many requests for the recipe that I promised to share it with you. Luckily, the lovable Michele … [Read more...]

Salad of Frisée, Green Beans and Lentils with
Bistro Vinaigrette

I’m pretty sure there’s not even a drop of Irish blood in me. You probably won’t see me chugging a Guinness or dancing a jig on St. Paddy’s Day. But this week, as signs of spring pop up everywhere, I’ll be celebrating. Recently, a friend lost her life to lung disease. She chose to say goodbye just as spring is arriving, bringing with it new life, hope, positivity. I know my friend, having suffered over many years, wanted to make sure her family and friends would enjoy some good meals and get on with their business. Her timing was perfect. The lettuces in my garden just started poking out of the ground. Verdant, tender asparagus is everywhere. At farmers markets around town, stands are spilling over with all shades of fresh. This … [Read more...]

Orange Salad with Pomegranates and Dates

Ever so slightly adapted from A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes by David Tanis. I call this beautiful little dessert salad a life-saver. It comes from David Tanis, the former chef of Chez Panisse, author of One Good Dish (my new favorite cookbook), and columnist for The New York Times. One bite – juicy, crunchy, tart and sweet – made me feel just so….alive. You see, last month, I got pneumonia. Have you ever had it? I hope not. I tell you not to elicit pity, but to explain why I’m happy just to be breathing right now. There were a few days when I couldn’t get out of bed. I was forced to slam on my brakes. I even had to cancel a cooking class (deepest apologies to all of you who were signed up). There was nothing I could … [Read more...]