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Get Ready for Summer!

Don’t miss the Beverly Hills Farmgirl’s final cooking class of the season! Thursday, May 28  10 am – noon With plenty of sunshine and a little extra time on your hands, summer is the perfect season to gather more often, entertain like a goddess and make memories. The Farmgirl has some brand new recipes up her sleeve and she wants you to taste them! Menu (subject to change due to availability): Strawberry Basil Spritzers, Asian BBQ Salmon Salad with Sesame Peanut Vinaigrette, Grilled Polenta Cakes with Artichokes, Summer Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella, Sautéed Zucchini with Mint and Vinegar, Raspberry Pavlova THIS CLASS WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY. SIGN UP HERE: Get Ready For Summer with The Beverly Hills Farmgirl Single Class … [Read more...]

Roasted Salmon with Pickled Lemon Green Olive Relish

Pickled Lemons

The Farmgirl Kitchen has been humming this month, with a birthday party for 25, a party for NBC Universal execs, and lots of new recipe testing every day. It’s just how I like my kitchen -- warmed with delicious aromas and filled with good company. I love when my students share with me what they’ve been craving, inspiring me with fresh ideas and surprise tastes. To celebrate her birthday, one of my favorite Farmgirl regulars suggested I teach her friends how to make preserved lemons. I bought a couple different jars at a neighborhood gourmet shop and got to tasting. But the store-bought lemons had an off flavor to me, and I couldn’t find a way around the overpowering salt. So I flipped through some of my cookbooks for a homemade version, … [Read more...]

It’s A Delicious New Year in the Farmgirl Kitchen!

Back On Track with The Beverly Hills Farmgirl Thursday, January 22 10 am -12 noon Once the season of indulgence is over, it’s time to start from scratch…cooking, that is! Jumpstart your New Year with some delicious, crowd-pleasing cooking, Farmgirl-style. Menu: Hearty Winter Minestrone Soup Vegan Caesar Salad with Garbanzo Croutons Simple Seared Sole Roulade Quinoa Mushroom Risotto Chocolate Banana Almond Cake with Dark Chocolate Glaze (gluten-free, refined sugar-free) SOLD OUT - To join the waitlist, please e-mail Dana here: (dana@danaslatkin.com) $140 per guest 2-hour class includes recipes, lunch, and a donation to a worthy local charity Ottolenghi Crushing with The Beverly Hills Farmgirl Thursday, February … [Read more...]

Introducing…Cozy Fall Cooking with the Beverly Hills Farmgirl!

The Edible Farmers Market - SOLD OUT Thursday, September 18 10 am – noon Do you love going to your farmers market but have no idea what to cook once you get home? Let the Farmgirl show you how to turn the freshest finds into a weeknight feast! Menu highlights: Still Life in Salad (you’ll never think of salads the same way again); Seared Market Fish with Mushroom Tapenade and Mustard- Caper Herb Sauce; Shredded Zucchini with Scallions, Parmesan and Chile; Ten-Minute Berry Buckwheat Cobbler (whole-grain, gluten-free and refined sugar-free!) $140 per guest 2-hour class includes recipes, lunch, and a donation to a local charity If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please e-mail Dana here.   Fall Vegetarian … [Read more...]

How to Cook Tofu

Cooking Tofu

Tofu is made of soybeans, water, and a natural coagulating agent. It is generally packaged in water to keep it moist and fresh. Consequently, when you remove it from the package, it will be very wet. In soups, tofu should be silken, or soft, and thus needs just a brief pat using paper towels. However, as a primary protein taking the place of fish or steak, tofu should be crisp on the outside. Here’s how to drain and cook it.   For a deliciously satisfying main course using tofu, try my Seared Tofu with Mushrooms, Pea Shoots and Balsamic Glaze. Don’t forget to enter our September cooking contest for a chance to win fabulous free prizes! Photo credit: tastespotting.com … [Read more...]

How to Store Fresh Fish

How to Store Fresh Fish

My friends and cooking students are always asking me how to properly store fresh fish. It is a crucial step that often goes unmentioned in recipes and cookbooks. Because fish is our most perishable food, it needs to be stored carefully and methodically. I asked my friends at Santa Monica Seafood for their best tips and then compiled them with instructions from some of my favorite reference books. Here is what I learned...   The two things that degrade the freshness of fish, causing it to spoil and compromising flavor and texture: heat and moisture. Only buy your fish from reputable sources. Check that the fish is displayed on crushed ice, there is no fishy smell, and the flesh is glossy and firm, not shaggy or rainbow-tinted. … [Read more...]

How to Clean Mushrooms


Many types of mushrooms actually grow in trees, not in dirt, and thus are brought to market relatively clean. However, it is always best to give all mushrooms a good wash before using them, even if you buy them pre-washed and sliced. Though most cooks will tell you to never wash mushrooms or they will become soggy and lose their flavor, I have not found this to be true. In fact, I still use a little trick I learned in France to wash all my mushrooms, and the mushrooms come out squeaky clean and free of unwelcome grit. Fill a large bowl with cold water. Add a handful of flour and swish around the water with your hand (The flour is both abrasive and bleaching.). Dunk the whole mushrooms into the water and quickly swirl them around (leave … [Read more...]