Dana Slatkin

Cacio e Pepe (Salt and Pepper) Oatmeal

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been offline for a spell. I took a much-needed break to celebrate a milestone birthday for my husband, which he wanted to spend traveling with our family. While in London, walking along Bermondsey Street, an urban-cool corner of East London where hipster coffee shops share the sidewalk with superb Italian restaurants and the cutting-edge White Cube Gallery, I had a revelation. As most of you know, I started this blog in 2009, just after my cookbook, Summertime Anytime (Clarkson Potter, 2008), was published. With a newborn and two adolescents under my roof, I was hungering for connectivity. I wrote about what I was cooking, eating, and craving. You shared my adventures at the farmers market and in the kitchen. … [Read more...]

Buckwheat Banana Almond Waffles (whole grain, gluten-free + sugar-free)

Don’t worry, this is not another recipe for a “healthy Halloween treat” (you’ll do far better on Pinterest)! I’m not going to be the one to caution you against eating piles of candy or urge you to give out apple slices to trick-or-treaters. To be honest, I’m so over food police. In my opinion, what you eat on Halloween is your business. Let it be one night to let loose! Just don’t let Halloween spill into November. Avoid the temptation to save the loot in a dark corner that you’ll have to deem off-limits or only for “emergencies.” How about finding a way to pay it forward? This year we’ll be counting all the pieces of candy as money and writing a check to our local food pantry. Keep this recipe for the morning after. … [Read more...]

Eggs and Onions, Farmgirl-Style

Getting dinner on the table every night for a hungry family is no easy feat. Trust me, I know. I try to cook from scratch on weeknights. A nutritious, delicious, fresh and unprocessed, mostly meatless, exciting, family-friendly dinner that everyone will gobble up. Haha. Good luck! I know I’m just a little neurotic (aren’t we all?). It would be much easier to order take-out or buy prepared meals at the market. But I can’t help myself. I owe it to my family. I owe it to you. The other night, as we sat down to the four-course dinner I had just spent two hours making, my husband opened a bag of crackers he had smuggled to the table and started munching away. Really, Dear? REALLY?? I’m sure there was steam coming out of … [Read more...]

Easy Dairy-free Gluten-free Cheese Puffs

dairy-free gluten-free cheese puffs

The last time I came up with a recipe that seemed too good to be true, it actually was. Good and true, that is. A luscious dark chocolate pudding made with coconut milk and maple syrup, ten minutes to prep and good to go days later. It sounded like a fantasy, but it turned out to be one of the big hits of the year. So last week, when I stumbled upon a recipe for a gluten-free cheese bread called Pão de Queijo, I thought I was dreaming again. The adorable little puffs reminded me of the heavenly rolls we used to buy every week at the farmers market over the summer. Made of tapioca flour (a.k.a. tapioca starch, cassava flour, or manioc flour), they were crusty on the outside, chewy and cheesy on the inside, and totally addictive. I pictured … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Banana Breakfast Muffins


When I think of Fall, the thing that really gets me drooling is pumpkin. The minute Starbucks starts pushing their Pumpkin Spice Latte, I know I’m whipped. It’s the flavor I most associate with the season, and it’s one you’ll be seeing around here often. I’ve already got a stack of pumpkin recipes to try, so last week I stocked up on cans of organic purée (Trader Joe’s makes a good one and I like this brand), sweet spices, a variety of whole-grain flours for baking, and pumpkin spice syrup (for my morning coffee, ‘course). On top of my pile was a recipe from the always reliable Cook’s Illustrated — a new and improved Pumpkin Bread. I envisioned a wholesome, energizing breakfast to hand off to the kids on their way out … [Read more...]

Vegan Almond Pancakes


During the school year, a typical morning in my house looks like someone pressed the fast forward button. Five people scuttle around the kitchen in haphazard directions, stopping only for a few seconds to guzzle breakfast, then dispersing into the day. But during summer, the morning unfolds leisurely, with a more substantial meal to send everyone off on their way. This week, I was in the mood for a tall stack of fluffy, golden pancakes, but I had forgotten to restock eggs, flour, and buttermilk (hey, the kids aren’t the only ones on vacation). In my summer state of mind, I tend to shrug off just about everything with a “whatever,” so I carried on anyway. I used almond flour in place of regular flour, omitted the eggs … [Read more...]

Spelt Peach Almond Muffins


In the leafy neighborhood of Los Angeles where I spent my childhood, tucked neatly behind white picket fences and 2-car garages, life seemed pretty idyllic. I’ll never forget the day I came home from school to a dilapidated Helms Bakery truck parked in the driveway. My father, a divorce attorney, had become increasingly disillusioned with his career, which ironically was flourishing as many marriages turned miserable. So he decided to rescue a rusty heap from a junk yard and embark on a new project. He wanted to restore the delivery truck to its former mid-century glory, when its daily “toot, toot!” meant warm bread was waiting at your door. Every weekend, my father would disappear under the wheels of the truck, emerging … [Read more...]

Greek Frittata with Spinach, Leeks, Potato and Feta


The Los Angeles Marathon took over our town last Sunday. Fortunately, it was a brisk, sunny morning. The kids and I watched some of the more than 20,000 runners pass by mile 17, looking surprisingly sweatless and energized. As they soldiered on, we slipped into our favorite deli for breakfast. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of outsider envy. After all, our most athletic feat of the morning had been sprinting across the race route while dodging the runners. And even though I could practically taste the hash browns from a block away, I wanted to truly earn them. I thought about what I’d order if I had just run 26.2 miles in under two and a half hours, as the winning female from Ethiopia did. Something delicious and decadent. … [Read more...]