Dana Slatkin

Root Vegetable Scallion Hash Browns

Hash BrownsThere’s something about hash browns that always makes me smile. The mere thought triggers a warm vision of a bustling breakfast counter, crisp striped napkins all in a row, potatoes and eggs sizzling on the griddle. With their golden crust and fluffy core, hash browns are a feat of cooking magic. But can you pull them off in your own kitchen?


Upon coming home from a family vacation to an empty refrigerator and a couple of old root vegetables in need of attention, I decided to find out. After several attempts, I learned there are two tricks to flawlessly crisp hash browns of any variety. One is to heat your skillet until it is ripping hot (thank you, Alton Brown). The other is to forget about them as they cook. Once your vegetables are on the heat, go do something else for a spell so that you are not tempted to flip them prematurely. Then come back, give the pan a shake, and flip them over. Return a few minutes later and your humble root vegetables will have transformed into earthy, golden-crusted heaven.

Let go of the urge to produce a perfectly intact pancake. Slide a fried egg atop each portion or sprinkle with a little smoked cheddar cheese and finish under the broiler. You could even turn them into latkes and top them with a dollop of sour cream and caviar. If you ask me, any time of day is right for hash browns. Besides, it’s that time of year to start being your own short-order cook.

Why wait for the weekend to treat yourself to breakfast? Prep the night before so you can have time to enjoy hash browns and Bulls-Eye Eggs.

The January cooking contest is up and running. Take a few minutes to send in your favorite meatless recipe and share it with thousands of fellow foodies!

Photo credit: foodnetwork.co.uk

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  1. Courtney says:

    this looks amazing!! Can’t wait to try it :)

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