Dana Slatkin

Buckwheat Banana Almond Waffles (whole grain, gluten-free + sugar-free)

Photo credit: Jessie Spartano

Don’t worry, this is not another recipe for a “healthy Halloween treat” (you’ll do far better on Pinterest)! I’m not going to be the one to caution you against eating piles of candy or urge you to give out apple slices to trick-or-treaters. To be honest, I’m so over food police. In my opinion, what you eat on Halloween is your business. Let it be one night to let loose!

Just don’t let Halloween spill into November. Avoid the temptation to save the loot in a dark corner that you’ll have to deem off-limits or only for “emergencies.” How about finding a way to pay it forward? This year we’ll be counting all the pieces of candy as money and writing a check to our local food pantry.

Keep this recipe for the morning after. It’s how I send my brood out into the world during the week — armed with tummies full of wholesome ingredients, nutrients, fiber, and protein. After a night of sugar-bingeing, it’s a not-so-spooky way to reboot your system.

You can really play with a waffle recipe: add your favorite protein powder (or not), stir in fresh or frozen berries (or not), slip in some cream cheese (or not), or, if you must, substitute store-bought waffle mix for the flour, baking powder and salt. Though I’m always looking for ways to repurpose overripe bananas, swap them for a half cup of pumpkin purée and a generous teaspoon of warm fall spices and you’ll have Pumpkin Waffles.

Whether my kids eat them in the car or on the bus or dripping with maple syrup, I really don’t mind because I know they’re getting good fuel to last until lunchtime. And when we all wake up on November 1st with sugar hangovers, I’ll be just a little grateful Halloween only comes around once a year.

Wishing you and your trick-or-treaters a very happy Halloween!

The winner of my Fall Cooking Contest will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Waffles are one of my favorite ways to start a chilly fall day. What are some of yours? Add them to my latest list of Farmgirl Finds.

The 90210 Farmgirl Store will be up and running next month! You’ll find unusual serving items, fierce knives, reliable cookware, Farmgirl aprons and totes, and perfect gifts for the holidays…all shipped directly from Farmgirl headquarters. The countdown begins now!

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  1. tori says:

    Can’t wait to make this one…wow!

  2. Dana Slatkin says:

    Thanks, Tori! Just had 4 this morning. :)
    Loving your blog, too. Take care!

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