Dana Slatkin

Breakfast Tofu Scramble with Bobby Flay’s Salsa Verde

Breakfast Tofu with Salsa VerdeWhen I was a kid, I thought tofu was hilarious. My brother and I would crack up whenever it showed up on our table, jiggling, soap-colored, and ridiculously unappealing. Our mother, a graduate of U.C. Berkeley in the ’60s and freshly steeped in counter-culture rectitude, had been experimenting with ethical ways to feed the family. But we were not having any of it. Just saying the word made us goofy.

Fortunately, tofu has grown up or, rather, we have. No longer the exclusive province of Asian or hippie fare, the mild-mannered coagulation of soybeans, water and salt has become the darling of modern menus across the country. Chefs appreciate its versatility as a flavor conduit, a meatless protein powerhouse, and an ingredient of many charms. With all the varieties available to home cooks, from refrigerated to baked, from ground to sliced, tofu has moved from indie manna to mainstream staple.

This colorful dish brings out the softer side of tofu, like creamy scrambled eggs spiked with Mexican flavors. Don’t be timid with the spices — tofu is so neutral in flavor and is quite bland until penetrated with seasoning. Add some textural punch with sliced zucchini, spinach, corn kernels, black beans, or leftover cooked vegetables from the night before. If you like to start your day with meat, toss in some sausage, chorizo, or diced Canadian bacon (Yves Veggie makes terrific meat-free versions, sold in the refrigerated case of most supermarkets).

I’m also including Bobby Flay’s recipe for Salsa Verde because (a) I have a mad crush on him; (b) about sauce, he knows; and (c) for St. Paddy’s Day, you deserve a little giggle.

For another wholesome breakfast to make for friends or family, try my Bulls-Eye Eggs with Spicy Arrabiata Sauce.

There is still time to enter March’s Green Recipe Contest. Your recipe could win you some fabulous gifts for your kitchen!

Photo credit: natebeaty / Flickr.com

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