Dana Slatkin

Strawberry Boba Tea

Strawberry Boba Tea

Strawberry Boba Tea

My kids and I used to drink boba tea every day after school. Iced or hot, the delicious concoctions of fruit syrup, tea and gummy balls would keep us all jolly in the car as we headed home, slurping and chewing, oblivious to the usual aggravations of Los Angeles traffic.

But when our favorite boba café went out of business, we were forced to find another source for our daily fix. So I figured out how to make a version of the delicious Taiwanese drink at home, this time with real fruit instead of artificial syrup and soy creamer instead of cream.

You can buy the black tapioca pearls online (search for “boba tea” and you will find thousands of listings). Make sure to buy the jumbo straws as well, or you will have to wait until your tea is nearly gone before getting to the chewy little devils at the bottom of your glass.

Since I usually keep my kids hydrated during the summer with jugs of iced green, white, and red tea, this novel treat comes together quickly. It is sure to delight your guests as they join you for a summer meal. Once you finish chewing, let me know what you think!

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