Dana Slatkin

Pomegranate-Mint Mojitos

Pomegranate-Mint Mojito

This ruby-red elixir was my drink of choice during all three of my pregnancies and is still my favorite virgin beverage — bubbly, thirst quenching, and full of those antioxidants that are so good for us. The combination of pomegranate, lime, and mint is addictive. You can find pomegranate syrup in many supermarkets, specialty stores and online (my favorite gourmet website is Kalustyans). You can also try substituting pomegranate juice, which is not as concentrated in flavor but delicious as well.


Snack on Crispy Parmesan Kale Chips.

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  1. Elissa Smith says:

    The combo of Pomegranate, Mint and Lime…Outstanding!!! I used Knudsen’s “Just Pomegranite” juice I purchased at my health food store. Because its more diluted, I used 8oz per serving. What a delightful and elegant thirst quencher! YUM!!

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