Dana Slatkin

My Favorite Way to Get Buzzed

Coffee and Whipped CreamCoffee and I have been pals ever since my college days. On bleary-eyed morning walks to campus, long afternoons at the local café, and studious late nights at the library, coffee was always there for me. These days, my entire family wakes up to coffee each morning (the four-year old drinks decaf, of course), its warm comfort rousing us into our day.


Apparently we’re not the only ones with a coffee obsession. It’s no secret that Americans are totally addicted to the stuff. And, according to recent statistics, bean drinkers are getting younger and younger. But now that nutritionists and health scientists are embracing coffee in all its antioxidant splendor, I’m happy to be part of the jacked-up crowd.

Almond Joy Latte
Here are a few of my favorite coffee concoctions (I’m of the belief that a good brew begs to be accessorized). Investing in a milk frother, some flavored syrups, and an espresso maker will turn you into a veritable barrista. And, naturally, the type of milk, octane, and sweetener are your call.


Maybe that explains our national infatuation. For a few precious moments, you get to have it exactly your way. That’s enough to give me a little buzz.

If you are a coffee lover, you will enjoy these scrumptious coffee-spiked desserts:
Cappuccino- Cheesecake and Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Black Beans.

Take advantage of the fruitful month and tell us what you’re making with fruit! Sweet or savory, share your recipe here for a chance to win our best kitchen swag!

Photo credit: Jessica Jones and Jessica Jones Design

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