Dana Slatkin

Zucchini Lemon Mint Hummus

Zucchini Lemon Mint HummusI’m going to tell you a little story about a hike I took recently. It’s a hike I have taken every summer for the past fifteen years, and it has nothing to do with hummus. But it has everything to do with this recipe.

Aspen Mountain is certainly not the highest peak in Colorado, but it’s the one I stare at from the window of our summer rental. Climbing to its 11,200 foot peak is a daily ritual for many locals. For me, it is a grueling challenge. But time and again, I am strangely drawn to its trails, even though they are punishingly steep.

Early one morning this week, I set out on one such hike, dreading the process but eager for the breathtaking view at the top. I plodded up the jagged trail buttressed by Aspen trees and wildflowers, panting with every step.

But after an hour of hiking in the wilderness, something transformative happened. My mind stopped buzzing. My heavy breathing became a percussive cadence. I began to notice the silhouettes on the ground, the shading on leaves, the fluttering of butterflies. I was so there.

In fact, halfway up the mountain, I realized I had already arrived. It was no longer about making it to the top, because I was actually there. For me, it was a new summer sensibility, and it felt divine.

After testing this recipe for lunch that day, I made the connection. Summer’s about finding yourself exactly where you want to be. Whether it’s a moment of mindfulness, or a simple recipe from the garden, take advantage of the season to get your fill.

Serve this hummus as a zesty dip, a creamy sandwich spread, or a Fourth of July party starter. You can season it with cumin, zatar, or smoked paprika. If you like, top it with crumbled feta cheese. With a good blender, you don’t even need to chop. Set it on a table outdoors, surround yourself with good company, and you won’t want to be anywhere else.

Here are some other delicious dips for your next summer soirée:

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Photo credit: GirlCooksWorld

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  1. Barbara Wagner says:

    Love it, Dana–both the blog and the sentiment! Happy summer in Aspen.

  2. Audrey Lynn says:

    Wow, this girl can cook AND write!

  3. mild says:


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